Going on my course soon.


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So in about 2 weeks I am going on the Door Supervisor training course so I Can get my SIA license. As of right now I am working for a company the does event staff and SIA security and right now I Am working as event staff setting things up and just speaking with customers and directing them around. Once I get my SIA licence I can move onto the security team which is what I want as not only does this company do event security the owner also has a bar and he rotates all his SIA guys to work in it which is also something I want to do.

So what I want to know is if there is anything I should know about the course before I go on it? And also if you guys have any tips or advice when it comes to doing this kind of work? Like what should I expect on the course and what I should expect once I get licensed in this line of work?


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Most courses are generally pretty useless, they are not set in the real world. The PI section is pants. Some instructors tell you stuff that just isn't correct.
So do your own research, read past threads on here on subjects, you'll also find idiots on here that are spouting things they've been told on a course but you should be able to shift through and find the correct advice.