Got staff? Then read about paying your staff & Reporting to HMRC.


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Hi all.
RTI is well underway, and this means that any time you run your payroll, you also need to run a report to send directly to HMRC on that day to say (essentially) WHO you have paid, HOW MUCH they got paid and WHEN they got paid. This is called RTI (Real Time Information)
Even staff who traditionally would not be reported to HMRC (those who fall below the threshhold for payments) need to be reported.
This means that already, you should be sending HMRC this report on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (or however often you pay your staff)
If you don't send this ON or BEFORE the date that you pay your staff, then HMRC state that you are going to get fined.

If the above is news to you, then you really need someone to give you a bit of advice - drop me a line and I will sort you out with some appropriate actions.

However: Some good news, or at least a slight reprieve: HMRC has said that it will delay the introduction of penalties for late "real time" payroll returns by up to one year in response to complaints from accountants and businesses and after errors and technical glitches in the new system.

It had planed to start fining employers for late filing and payment of employees' tax and national insurance contributions from 6 April.

Under the new timetable for penalties, if employers file RTI late up to October they'll only be charged interest.

After October, if employers file and pay RTI late they'll only be charged a penalty for filing late.

From April 2015, they'll be an automatic penalty for late payment of payroll tax and contributions.

HMRC’s director general for personal tax, Ruth Owen, said: “The introduction of RTI is going extremely well for the majority of employers but there are still some who need a bit of time to adapt fully to the changes. This additional time will give us the opportunity to ensure that improvements to our internal systems are working, to learn from them and to provide better customer support to employers who need more time to adapt.â€

But as I said - If you haven't started this system already, you REEEEALLY need to get your finger out before the issue becomes a bigger one than you can fix.

Anything I can do to help, just let me know.