Guardian International Security Services


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I am inquiring about a CP school based both in the US and the UK. It is called Guardian International Security Services (Guardian International Security Services - welcome) I have been in contact and the gentleman has been both patient and kind in answering my questions. Since I live in the states, the courses I am interested in are located in Orlando, Florida.

I have done my best to research the school, but have come up short in finding anything negative about it. Does anyone have any experience with this school? I am planning on attending a course at Academi (formerly Blackwater), but would also like to attend future courses with the above if they are a legitimate organization. Any help is greatly appreciated.



P.S. I have tried using the "search" above, but couldn't find any information.
Straightforward answer; Makes me embarassed to be a British professional in the security field when i see this type of training going on. I leave it to your decision though, we all have our own standards, and this clip doesn't have any standards.