Guards Brigade

Old boy here

Coldstream Guards.

75-76 Pirbright Rookie
76 Windsor 2cg
76-78 Londonderry
78-80 Caterham (inc The Gambia & Cyprus)
80-81 Caterham 1cg

Anyone remember T-Bird, Snapper and Jack Diamond?

Respect to you all.
Great site people, Ex 2 SG then 1 SG 89-97.. Not in your line of work guys, seems like alot of hoops to jump through and reading through the site it also seems the market is bursting with guys/girls looking for work.. Alot of cash to put out for a CP course too...
good afternoon fellas
first post here , and what a cracking place to start. ex coldstream 94-01. (mostly 7coy and a bit of 3)
be good to put some names to faces from bods on here, maybe pull up a sandbag, swing the lantern etc
Hello all ex Coldstreamer 1st bn then transferred to the micks to become a mickstreamer from 84 to 05 Hi Tim
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