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I would like to congratulate Right Flank 1st Battalion Scots Guards on their successfull tour in Afghanistan. Welcome home boys, I am proud of you as are all Ex Scots Guards.
Bout yee lads,

Billy Jervis - ex "Micks"... now doing surveillance and security in and around the north east....or is it the midlands.. all the same to me as I'm from NI. suppose I'll get used to the geography.. Only joking, Lincolnshire! Remember blood is thicker than water, and your all my brothers.. Blue Red Blue.. Any info on jobs much appreciated... Cheers guys!
Don`t they all come under the Household Cavalry mounted or Armoured regiment now.

"The Household Cavalry Regiment" -Armoured Recce (LG and Blues an Royals are mixed throughout) in Windsor ie the real deal.
"The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment(LGs an Blues are in seperate Squadrons)"-Queens Life Guard/Ceremonial etc.

"The Household Cavalry" when refering to both.
Hi my names Tim still serving in 1 grenadier guards Support coy got 1 year left just want to say great idea and if any one got some advice on whats the best cp course and how to get work overseas please let me know many many thanks
The Brigade Of Guards

Dear Brothers

Well, we have our own squadron (G Squadron) in the Special Air Service, so why not here?
Former 1st Bn Scots Guards and looking for CPO/PSD position overseas. I would also welcome more clandestine work, maybe an op to stabilise the pirate problem in the seas around Somalia.

To mail me direct;

Yours Aye

Guards Help

How many on the site,and are we worth own chapter in this forum

To all Guards out there and Ex guards,,got favour, coming to end of 23 yrs,,,,wow and hoping to enter C.P world....Done alot of cse`s etc,,,,any hints ,tactic`s etc on getting a job,,,looking to go abroad.

Ex Welsh Guards,,,in 3 months
Dear all,

Geoff Warren, Ex 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards then 1st Battalion and now one of the Directors of Armatus Risks. If anyone needs help, advice, training etc please feel free to PM me. Always happy to help the Blue Red Blue Brethren.

'Nulli Secondis'

Armatus Risks
Tricks are good . left three years ago, got my SIA and been out in Iraq Since on a DOD contract, which is due to fold come July. Seems you been Keeping yourself busy to Mate