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To Geoff Warren,my name is marc reader mc and still serving in the coldstream guards recce platoon,my discharge date is january and im currently in the process of booking my close protection course either the ronin or phoenix networking myself and doin research and i have only just joined this would be very usefull if u could direct me in the right direction.

nulli secondis
many thanks
hi paul

Im a serving coldstreamer in the recce ptl,im due out in december-january ive booked onto a cp course in september, could u give me a heads up into the close protection world?

many thanks marc reader mc
Stumbled on this by accident. Hows it going Geoff long time no see I was in your multiple Armagh 97 with the QRH. Look forward to hearing from you Mattie Nichol
Hi paul,
Im a serving coldstreamer in the recce plt my name is marc reader mc and doing my cp course in september,and due out in december,wondered if you can give me any advice and point me in the right direction.

look forward to hearing from you....
Reader MC, drop me a pm mate, tell you all you need, im ex 1st Bn 1980 - 90. ps, I live in same loc as the Bn.
Still serving member of 1IG however ive been with 1SG "C company" for 2 years just about to leave and joining the CP industry. good idea this forum business.
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hi guys i am still in grenadier guards done 12 years im looking into this work but keep hearing horror stories of guys not being able to get work could someone give me the gen on this thanks