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Here are a few simple rules of etiquette which will help to make life easier for all members.

  • Attitude: Always speak to people in a manner that you wish to be spoken to.
  • Arguments: Rather than disagree, try to explain your reason in a courteous manner.
  • Opinions: If the other person still can not see your point of view then accept that he does have a different perspective and it is their right to have this view.
  • Questions: If someone asks a question that seems obvious to you, it may not be to them so try and help them. After all you were once in that position and the reason you now know is because someone back then helped you.
  • Repeated questions: Not everyone is net savvy and may find the site hard to use. This does not mean they are a moron just that they may not spend that much time in front of a computer. If you feel that you do not want to help them then refrain from comment and let someone else help them instead.
  • Postings: Read twice, post once. It is amazing how different your post or others seem when you step back from the initial reaction. Adopting this method will save you and others unnecessary embarrassment!
  • Assumptions: We all know this is the mother of all "f*ck ups". Never assume you understand what a post is referring to, if in doubt ask either in a post or preferably by PM. It may be that you were wrong in your initial judgement.
  • Perspective: Your perspective is not necessarily the same as the next person. Try to remember that when replying what may be funny to you may be taken with offence by another. We are not all cut from the same cloth after all!
  • Negativity: Try to avoid the words can't, never, impossible as it may be for you but it may well be plausible for others!
  • Self Censorship: If you don't like what you are reading then you have the choice to move on to the next thread. Not every subject is for everyone but censorship to any level imposed by others is what has got the UK in a sorry state with the PC brigade.
  • Taking yourself too seriously: While people differ with their level of sensitivity it has to be remembered this is just the Internet and they are just words. It is not real life but just a form of communication. People will rark you occasionally, see it for what it is and laugh along with it. So far no one has been killed in action on a forum so it is quite safe!
  • Benevolence: If someone is in error, take the chance to communicate this privately if you can. It may well be appreciated and you never know you might just find a good friend by doing a good deed instead of publicly humiliating them.
  • Grammar and spelling: Not everyone is a literary genius (with the exception of yours truly perhaps!) Please remember that and avoid picking up on someone else's faux pas. It may boost your own ego but it does little for their confidence.
  • Ownership: This is all our forum, no one person has more rights than the next person. You are all part of the solution as well as the problem if you do nothing about a situation. It is the founding principal of any community which this is one. It may be virtual but it still operates with the same rules.
  • Report posts: The function is there to help the community. Please use this to assist YOUR forum to be a better place. It is not telling tales but a private way of letting one of the team know that something may be wrong and needs attention. After all if your car breaks down you don't shout at it, you call someone that can sort the problem out for you. That is what a moderator is for. Just like the car if you do not call that person how can he know what needs fixing and where!

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