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Hi there ,
just finished 7 years in the infantry 3 Mercains and done the Ronin SA course , was very GOOD , im just wanting to know if i should jump straight onto a HECPO course with Marrigan Solutions , or is it best to wait for a company to interveiw you for a job ...
any advice on this would be appreciated



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I would expect it is preferable for an employer to interview a fully qualified person rather than one who needs additional proof of capability to deploy. Irrespective of this - most companies will expect you to undergo their own form of pre-deployment training before you are sent on task.

My advice for what its worth? Get trained whilst concurrently approaching potential employers to understand their recruitment needs/criteria.


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Jared here at the NSC we provide HECPO courses which we run each month. If I can be of any help or advice with your training needs please do not hesitate to contact me.
0845 056 3992

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