Hello All!!


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Hello ,

I am Jamie AKA Pretty Boy not a name I has chosen myself . It was brought to me by my tutor at the time of learning CP.

Anyway I am newly qualified in CP.

Heard mixed reviews regarding new recruits to the circuit.

My step dad is in CP doing very well, mainly abroad.

A lot of people have said with no experience you don't get a chance anywhere how true that is I don't no. I don't want to go down the route of working on doors or festivals , I know it is experience but if I can help it there must be a better way?

I went through the CP course for one reason to work within CP.

Can anyone point me in to the right direction of what next to do?

I would like to progress my addons and do my gun licence next also advanced driving.

SORRY if this has been mentioned or said before , I always like to start something fresh.. Have a nice day Jamie