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I've been looking into getting my SIA license, to give me a wider range of employment opportunities, and i need advice.

I'm a little bit on the concerned side as, earlier in my life, just over 5 years ago, i had a couple of small mis steps in my life, and i was wondering if this would impact my chances of getting a license.

Back in 2012, i had a caution for common assault and a few months after that incident it was followed up by a community order / tagging for three months for carrying a lock knife in public (my own stupid fault i know)

Since then i've done my best to keep myself on the straight and narrow, and given the lack of employment opportunities in my area, i since moved to a new location with my partner to give myself a fresh start, and the area i've moved to, has a lot of pubs and clubs, and there are a lot of jobs available for door supervisors and security guards so i was thinking i would apply for a license to push myself and make myself more employable.

Given my previous actions, which i bloody well regret, would i still be able to be granted a license... i checked with the official SIA eligibility section of the website and typed everything in, and it said it will be granted if i apply... I was just asking here, to get advice if possible.

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I really wouldn't worry about those convictions mate. I too was also in trouble 5 years ago and I was granted my Door Supervisors licence and my CCTV licence a few months ago. I have just completed and passed my CP course with Phoenix and that licence application is going through now. You'll sail through it mate. If it was in the last 12 months I would of said different.

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Barnsey is right, the SIA normally look back 5yrs, go for it and get your license buddy. Do keep your nose clean from now on.