Hello to you all.


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Just thought i would say a hello.
Im new to this forum and will be seeking some info and advice shortly.
I am ex army RAMC. Left in 2014 after 4 short years due to a medical discharge for a back problem.
This has now been sorted and im looking at this as a career option.
I have been doing static, K9 and Door security for the last 12 yrs.
Im going to be starting to save up to do a basic CP course to start me out and then advance upto a team medic role.

My first question is, i have tattoos coming down both arms onto the backs of my hands.
How frowned upon are tattoos in this job area now??
Do they still hate them or like other job roles, are they just taken as a granted now??




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Im sleeved on both arms, tattoos are addictive. i have nothing that can be seen in a shirt though. I'd worry about it being seen on your hands. I wouldnt employ anyone that couldnt cover them up.


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Depends on the client and sector.
You're not realistically going to get corporate work as image is everything, if you stand out and don't fit in with the image the Principal has you won't get hired. I've known people kicked off a team because they hadn't shaved that morning or their suit looked too cheap.
If it's the 'fabricated celebrity' or 'gangsta rap' sector, then a number of them like tats and a beefy mountain of a bloke because that fits the image they're trying to portray.

Having said all that, you do know how hard it is to get CP work of any type without the right training, background and connections?