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Good afternoon,

I am a 31 year old security professional looking to further my knowledge, experience and qualifications within the security sector.

I have developed a 5 year plan with a goal of enrolling onto a Security Consultancy programme resulting in a Bachelors degree with honours. Before I reach that, I have decided to gain a BTEC level 4 professional certificate in Security Management followed by the BTEC level 5 diploma in Security Management.
I have done some research into these courses but have become a little stuck. I have found that Control Risks run a course for level 4 and 5 in only 20 days, which would help me achieve my goal sooner. However, on The Security Institute's website Perpetuity Training provide Level 4 on a 5 day course but level 5 takes 12 months? Is it a different course and diploma to Control Risks? I would happily study for 12 months but would like to know the difference in the awards given given such a drastic difference in time completion. I would like your feedback on this if you could as I would rather do a course that has something to do with The Security Institute as I feel it would increase my knowledge, network and professionalism.

Any help or advice on what I should do is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Dan Gomez


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G4S also conduct the level 4 course over 5 days, CRGs level 4 course also includes IOSH Managing Safely.


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Thanks for the comments guys.

Colonel45155, no that wouldn't be me. Can't open up your link and I'm not on Instagram.


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Took the level 3 in security management and the level 4 in risk,crisis and disaster management followed by the level 5 course. The courses are not cheap but as I am looking for a career change i think it worth the cost.