Help with US state(s) security licenses.


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So I am currently working for a security company in the USA. We have the fun of having staff working across several different states and are looking to expand.

I am trying to compile a list of which states honor other states license, which states will allow temporary work, and which will allow transfer of licenses or previous “credit†for training, etc.

There are plenty of websites which detail what each state requires to get a license, but information on reciprocity and temporary work is pretty well hidden in the depths of legislation.

I thought I would just ask here, before I start if anyone can direct me to a resource where it may already be collected?

Thanks, Ed


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As you know, there is no federal license. The laws of each state require licensing within that state in order to operate as a security guard, some of them also require in-state residence. Unlike CCW. there is little or no reciprocity between states that require guards to be licensed. Here's a link that may help. Armed Security Guard License For Each State