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Paul999, said I should say hi, here in the medic forum, I'm a practicing ODP/Resuscitation Officer based in Southern England.

Looking to do my SIA badge in the not to distant future, also very interested in Physical Search side of security (Drug,IED, Contraband and Missing persons).

If I can be of any help to anybody, give me a shout




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Hi Russ,

Good to see you over here in our little medic world. The other medic type guys will pop past to say hi I'm sure.

As I said before i'm an NHS Paramedic working in and around South Devon. I'm not SIA mate but like you plan to get more relevant qualifications and training under my belt. I could do with the time away from the NHS to be truthful!

You had any services experience mate? I'm ex-Army.

At the top you will see the "flashchat" box, if you see people in there, pop in and say hi. You'll always be welcome. It's a good way to get to know other board members and get a good insite into the industry.



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Hi mate and welcome.
I'm an ex Mil CPO and now SIA CPO and EMT. I worked in Baghdad for a few years as a CPO and was fortunate to do a few months in the Combat Support Hospital on work experience. Great experience it was too. I'm always on the look out to share experience and learn more from others and no doubt I'll pick your brains if you don't mind?
Anyway, welcome

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Hows it going mate - must be at least two years or more since we last met

Drop me a pm - now SIA- private client as team paramedic - recently moved back to Devon

Take it easy