Highfield Approved Centre Status


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Good Evening,

Looking at gathering further information or maybe " experienced complications " that anyone may have crossed paths whilst seeking Centre Approval with Highfields. I Understand, that some may find said awarding Body not to standard as its bigger relatives, City and Guilds Edexcel etc, however, as a registered trainer for the above, this would certainly be my first choice. Homework done, and the process seems somewhat relatively straight forward, I currently hold the following,

7302 ( Old school ) and the 7303
Level 3 delivery of conflict management training
Level 3 Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training
A1 ( CPD up to date and current

My Licence for the Level 2 PI has since diminished , therefore I understand a new licence will need to be obtained, however since, the company I completed the original L3 PI has seized Training and i believe a conversion course will need to be completed ? Based and what i could find on the internet there are a few good companies around that tailors to such requests.

Any information would be grateful, and I thank you in advance for your time.