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HMRC & MOD agree Laundry Allowance


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Feb 13, 2008
HMRC have reached an agreement with the Ministry Of Defence with regards to Uniform allowance for laundry expenses. Basically HMRC have made set fees for repayment depending on the Force you were in and the length of service.

If you served in the Forces after April 2008 and you have not already been reimbursed for uniform allowance then you should have recently received some correspondence from HMRC. In this correspondence it will state how much tax you will be reimbursed, or it will be a tax code notice where your tax code will be changed to take into account the reimbursement.

Please the link below with the details from HMRC.

HM Revenue & Customs: Ministry of Defence Flat Rate Expenses claims for laundry allowance by Ratings and Other Ranks

The refund will happen automatically and Whittaker & Co have been receiving the notifications in respect of our clients. You do not need to apply for this it is on going and again as stated automatically done by HMRC.
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