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I'm trying to help someone who recorded some criminal damage on his Home Protector CCTV. He needs to get some decent stills to identify the culprit. I've loaded the video files onto my laptop and they have a .h264 extension. I have various things that play and edit that format. However, the computer is seeing them as STL 3D format which is used for 3D printers.

Any suggestions as to what is going on here. I've tried the company, they haven't got back to me.
I managed to sort this out. Looks like the files corrupted during the download. Downloaded them again, although used the avi option this time and it worked. Although weirdly still showed a .h264 extension.
I have a little problem. My question is that I recently purchased an ajax security system and do not know how to connect cctv cameras. I had installed old camera that are clearly not suitable for this system. Moreover, I understood that some cctv should be suitable for technical parameters, but I can't find the model of my cameras on the Internet. Maybe I should buy new ones? Which cameras are most compatible with this security system? If you can share with me your experience of using this, I will be very grateful. Thanks!