How do you secure event security contracts?


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Hi guys n gals.

I am a member on a couple of facebook groups and I have noticed about 15 different companies saying that they are looking for staff to do event security at V-Festival.

Im just curious, as most of them seem to be self employed 1 man teams just trying to find staff, by the looks of it.

How exactly do these companies secure these contracts, does anybody know?

The way I did it was not to sub sub sub and to be honest about what was required, provide it at an agreed price and deliver a quality service!
With my known staff, how I employ full time.

I find this still works very well, and by doing the networking that V spoke about I work all over the country helping out my friends on their events when I'm not doing one of my own.

Call me old fashioned but by keeping a client happy I keep my contract safe thus giving my staff more work... It simple really



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