How to get rid of mildew


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It's winter time and it is moisture everywhere. Last week I was about to clean my home and I found the formation of mildew in my windows and walls. I have heard that mildew can cause a lot of health problems. I have kids and they don't have any idea on what is good and what is bad for health. I'm concerned about their health. If they see this, they'll surely touch or investigate it. I found an article about mildew which said that it can cause lung infections 5 Signs Of Mildew In Your Office | Royal Building Cleaning Ltd. I need some suggestions to prevent and clean the mildew in my walls and windows. Hope anyone here will have ideas to get rid of it. Any suggestions regarding this are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.


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Oh come on.....of course this is relevant the person has used the word his/her wording
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