How To Post A Vacancy - *Please read before posting*


In this section you can post your vacancy for any task.

It is split into two posts,
the first being publicly viewable,
the second (reply to the thread you have created) is only available to registered members.

How it works is to create a thread using the post thread button shown below

post thread.jpg

It will open a message screen shown below

1st post.jpg

in the title put a one line like:

"1 x CPO @ (£280pd) - London Mayfair"

In the message body as in the example shown above, very brief description but no contact details.

Bear in mind this first post is in public view.

So as above something like:

"CPO needed for three nights starting January 20th, no accomodation and would ideally suit someone that can commute to Mayfair"

When you have finished scroll to the bottom and click on

Screenshot 2023-01-21 213102.jpg

Once the post has been submitted go into the thread you have just created and reply to the post you have just made using the reply box under your new post.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 213303.jpg

You can fill this box with the full details and contact information and any additional information you feel is required. Once finished click on post reply.

This second post will not be available unless you are logged in. That way the details remain secure from non registered browsers.

Any questions on how this works you can message any of the moderators for more information or comment below.


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