Hundreds of British muslims fighting in Syria - MI5


Security Directors
The number of British Islamists who have gone to Syria to fight in the war there is in the "low hundreds", a senior UK intelligence official says.

Andrew Parker, head of domestic intelligence service MI5, told a parliamentary hearing the conflict was attracting al-Qaeda UK sympathisers.

Their interaction with militant groups abroad was a "very important strand of the threat" the UK faced, he said. One in 10 foreign militants in Syria is believed to be from Europe. Most of them come from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Libya. MI5 has previously said that up to 200 British fighters are in Syria. Last month, BBC News learnt that a group of 20 young men from the UK were fighting against forces allied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the Turkish border. According to the Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College London, most British jihadists are in their 20s, university-educated and Muslims of British Pakistani origin.

Up to 20 people from Britain's Sudanese community and several ethnic Syrians from the UK have also gone to fight in Syria.
More than 100,000 people have been killed and about two million people have fled abroad since the uprising against Mr Assad began more than two years ago.

Syrian troops have retaken the rebel-held town of Sbeineh south of Damascus, state media and activists said on Thursday. The town was regarded as one of the most important rebel positions near the Syrian capital.
Elsewhere, international inspectors said they had verified one of Syria's two remaining chemical weapons production sites, using sealed camera footage to conclude that it had been dismantled and abandoned............ Read Full Story


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Foreign Incursions Act?
Oh, I forgot we can't be too judgemental of traitors who aid and abet terror groups, especially if they're Muslim.
Their human rights would be violated, it just wouldn't be right!


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Cant believe the west were even considering getting involved in this conflict, we should be giving the most efficient killing systems to BOTH sides.


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Every country should ask their radical religious citizens if they would like to go fight, the ones that do just send them over in what ever kit can be found laying around the evidence locker. Best case they die, worse case they win and then screw up real bad and make it on some kind of list and then die.