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I know I should'nt extract the urine, but...


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Sep 6, 2012
I couldn't resist.
As mentioned elsewhere I have made a new piece of kit, aimed at two markets and maybe more but I know and understand one, and felt I had a 'handle' on the other. I have a friend in Hollywood, who considers he's my manager/agent and will tell you at the drop of a hat "Oh I know him/her/them/it" regarding whatever I mention. I shouldn't be to hard on him, as he did get me into Connery's office and they did agree to make a film of the book back in 2001.
So, I decided that as the market was not in his normal run of "Oh I know him/her/them/it" I would research it myself. But found that I couldn't find any news group or technical group for Hollywood type Paparazzi, I tried the NPPA for "Visual Journalists" and they have over 1,000 listed ten to a page with an image for each and a couple of descriptive lines. All waste one line by saying "Professional" which seemed silly as they are all professionals, in a professional group. If I were to be in this group I would have a image that showed a special picture I had taken that everyone thought was brilliant. Some have images of their dog, some have nothing, and some have crap! Take a look https://nppa.org/find_journalist/1#results
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