I need to find a close protection SIA course cheap and good in London


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Hi to all!I need to find a course to take sia close protection. I have not a lot of money and I only need to take sia qualification to go into the industry.
Could you help me?

Thanks to all nine.t
I know you specify London........ perhaps for accommodation purposes?

If it helps we have a SIA compliant CP course running here in Serbia from 23rd Feb...... price is 1600GBP all in with flights, accom, meals etc. ( A small discount if you do not require the HSE meds )

I believe that Pretorian550 can help but am unsure of costs..... he can be found on the site.

Good luck

Hi Morrigan.I sent you in the past a curriculum vitae.I am a former italian soldier.Do you remember?

But know

I am interested only in join the sia qualification and in London I have friend where I could stay.

Another question.
I know that I can do the exam for the SIA only in England. How can I do it in Serbia?

Thanks nine.t

PS I wrote to praetorian550 but I don't received answer.
Another question.
I know that I can do the exam for the SIA only in England. How can I do it in Serbia?
There are companies outside the UK that are certified to do SIA training. Morrigan provide theirs in partnership with Regal security. They are accredited by Bucks University.
Good news little woman!Thank you!
I am italian and could be cheaper to go in an another country instead of GB.
Meido does C.P course with First aid their based in Kilburn and have net site so check them out for time table and prices you need to speak to David Reuben hes the boss good luck
Thanks littlewoman:)


I suspected that it was a case of accommodation which is why i volunteered our information.

Should you travel to us by car of course from Italy.....we would discount the included flight from our price (should help a little)

Feel free to mail me direct at:


Well, from what I've seen around, the morrigan course is a bargain at that price.

I don' have first hand experience of any CP companies, but I know from this forum that morrigan has a good rep, so this might just about be the best (cost effective v standard etc) course available in the UK !

Well done.

All the best