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I too, could be a 'normous monster?


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May 25, 2010
Eh, I stand to be corrected, but the 'advertisement' at the top of the screen wouldn't give me much faith!
Plus, the wording in this 'advert' is basically the same as the Men's Health 'advert' on Garcinia Cambogia that's doing the rounds on 't'interweb'. You have to remember someone is paying big bucks for these articles/ 'adverts'
I'm all for getting all the help you can, especially since I got the go ahead to start light training this week after an injury put me out for the past 7 months (the gut I've developed will be hard to shift), but to be honest, the claims in this 'advert' are I would imagine, bullshit!?
I have a lot of friends who do the whole physique competition thing, and to be honest, they all say either eat clean, drink plenty of water and train like hell, or Juice.
I subscribe to the former, considering that after 1 week of cutting out all carbs and refined sugars I have dropped a kilo.
It's bloody hard, and the sugar withdrawal, along with being off the smokes for a month or so is making me edgy to say the least,
I'll stick with it though, and I'll use protein shakes etc as a meal replacement for when I'm out and about, but as for miracle cures, don't think there is one?
If you do try this stuff keep us posted though, maybe it lives up to its own hype!?

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Jul 2, 2009
Mate you are right it is "too good to be true". Beside I remember you being the biggest guy on our course anyway.
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