If I gain the SIA qualification will i find work?


Incidentally, I refer you to your Avatar...

"Flashman was a coward, who would flee from danger if there was any way to do so, and on some occasions collapsed in funk. He had one great advantage in concealing this weakness: when he was frightened, his face turned red, rather than white, so that observers thought he was excited, enraged, or exuberant - as a hero ought to be."

I had a smile when I read that but the question is...is it true?!

Rich H

I note you fail to mention his attributes though.....
Of course, this is by no means the main reason. Recruitment, as you know, involves a little due dilligence; the SIA license ensures that the individual is who he says he is and on top of that, the CRB check has been done!

Boom! Boom! All done and dusted - what a cost saving. The main companies, although were involved in the core competency framework for the CP licensing know all too well what a load of bollocks the end result is. Dross being spewed out into the industry. They don't care about that too much. The ticks in the boxes are done and their arse is covered as well as a major cost saving exercise.

Rich H
I agree with the due dilligence statement... And although the companies supply the staff are aware of the standards of the SIA, my point is if the end user, who is the guy who pays the bills, wants sia accredited chaps, the security company in question is going to have to supply such accredited bods or lose the contract...
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