Info regarding SYI Level 5 diploma


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Guys and girls,

Im about to start the security management - Btec level 5 Diploma in Security management with Perpetuity Training

Just a few questions to those that have already completed it this course. The only info I found on here so far is from a thread in 2010, so I think its due for an update for any other potential student.
Personally im interested in adding a more in depth knowledge base into the security management side of things to back up my existing Experience in the Security world. On completion I endeavour to move onto a degree, which appears to be the golden goose for the more professional positions.

My questions are thus:

1. How did you find the course -For example; Too technical, to obscure, difficult
2. What knowledge you gained from it -For example; thought processes you never before considered
3. How did you find the tutors? Were they helpful an quick to respond to queries regarding assignments -
4. Did you come across any relevant websites/books that proved invaluable for your referencing -For Example, the Start website (Home - START - National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism) was great on my terrorism studies course. It listed every known terrorist organisation with short biographies an key players, as well as cataloging incidents they have been linked with.
5. How has the course benefited you in seeking work afterwards. Did it open doors or was it merely the groundwork in order to progress further academically?

Thanks in advance for any non sarcastic answers