Install a camera outside front door of two story house


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I have purchased some Swann security cameras, and one of the places that I would like to place a security camera is at the front door area. However my question is how would I route the cabling seeing as to how this is a two story house, and I don't want to run the cable in front of the house up to the attic. The DVR will be placed upstairs. I have provided a pic of the house, I know it's hard to see with all the trees, but you can see what I'm dealing with and the front door area.View attachment 6573


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Aye I see what's wrong there, hmmm. First of all there's too much tree cover but you have to be careful because when you start removing the bush the sniper team can be a bit cross as they like a bit of cover from the ground so they can be handed up their tea.

How many cameras have you purchased? I always find that I lose a couple as swans tend to have a mind of their own and I got in a bit of trouble using choke chains to try and keep them in situ but hey, the right law varies from state to state.

Have you tried using Kevlar for a driveway? Apparently its good, I tried using ghillie tarmac but I can tell you from experience it's scary, I drove my car into the woodland god knows how many times trying to get in.

Anyway, good to meet you buddy and as for your first question as to how to route the cable.....



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There's a few problems here.

I'd normally suggest the shortest possible cable run, but that won't really give the swan an opportunity to move around. I'd suggest a 'wireless camera' which will theoretically work, but you'll have to chase and catch it every day or so to fit new battery. I've no personal experience of putting a camera on a swan, but the one I tried on a meerkat wasn't particularly successful as the little bastard wouldn't hold still long enough to get a decent image. (It was also a randy little bugger, and they love fags, which it would steal from my pocket in the brief intervals where it wasn't humping my leg.)

Swan's aren't the best guard animals around. I'd suggest geese which have been used to great effect by a few distilleries in Scotland.

Best of luck,

V :)
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Heartless people Has your house got drainpipes and rain gutters ? Think carefully about what you want to see from the house. Your picture of the house suggests you need a lot more thought to the deployment.