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Installing Video Alarm System in the office premises

Jun 8, 2020
A robbery occurred recently in our next-door office. A lump sum amount of money got stoled. Although they registered a complaint with the police, there was no action from their side. So all the employees from various offices in that building gathered together. A lot of suggestions were given by the employees to safeguard the premises. When everyone was asked for solutions to protect the building around the clock, one of the employees came up with a suggestion to install a Video alarm system. So we all began doing thorough research on companies that do this service. Finally, we found a company nearby and contacted them. They arrived the next day and installed it for us at a reasonable cost. Does anyone know some other advanced solution than this? Please do share your ideas here.


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Jan 2, 2009
Oh no, crime does seem to follow you around doesn't it?
Maybe it was the same robbers who did your residential building a while back, or maybe this is another fantasy disguised as a story so you can link to a security company you work for.
I noticed another recent bullshit story where you link to optimum again too, thanks for that.
Do they do car trackers or car alarms? I get the feeling a neighbours car will be stolen next week, so I'm looking forward to your post about how good the response was...
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