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Good morning!

If you are looking for international work and training opportunities in the security sector, consider European Security Academy training services. Pls feel free to visit our ********* website and give us your comments and feedback. You can also order our newsletter.

We offer practical and costeffective courses in our own special training center situated in West Poland. Our multitalented and -lingual team have possibilities and skills to train any size of groups, your own security teams, special forces elements, NGO's, intelligence officers, military personnel, law enforcement groups, peacekeeping units, guards and other related security professionals and individuals.

We can also teach and train you for example protective driving, highly effective BAS-3 combat system, paramedical response, high risk area, VIP/EXECUTIVE/PSD/CLOSE PROTECTION, various combat, tactical and practical weapon courses etc.

"Stay safe and be prepared"
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Hello everybody!!

As a active CP officer I can just advise everyone to try the Firearms training ! Lot's of amo, various weapon to try - might be beneficial for the experience.

P.S. One of their istructors is shooting duble tabs under 1,2 sek - SICK ;)
"tabs"??? like on the keyboard??? I do them quicker, unless what you ment was double taps :D

Hmm, west Poland you say, that´s where I come from, Monkey if you want post me the name I will try to do some checks on them ;)

Well, just visited their webpage, and dr. Andrzej Bryl who founded this is quite well now in Poland for his martial arts/CQC background, as well as survival training etc, he used to train some military unit in those, so no questions here, but first time I hear about him/them as CP training provider.
From the video it looks more like special forces kind of training suitable at most for HE, or rather for some kind of QRF or Extraction units than the CPO.
Anyway, to check on your own type in "European Security Academy training services" into your google and it will pop out in top searches, then go and have a look at the video provided or read info to judge on your on.
They certainly have good resources down there [equipment etc] no doub about that, I´m just not sure about course content.

And why dr. Bryl being Polish speaks russian on this video?!?!
I know he studied at Lomonosow University in former USSR but please.
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I know people from poland often tend to think everyone in the world should speak polish, but then you have to remember the fact poland has ~ 40 millions inhabitants, while russia alone has ~142 millions, plus most of older eastern europeans speak russian, that is excluding polish people, which, for some reason, refuse to admit their language is basically derived from russian (I should know, I speak both) and pretend to "not understand", much like french like to "not understand" english, even though they know it fluently.
...most of older eastern europeans speak russian, that is excluding polish people, which, for some reason, refuse to admit their language is basically derived from russian.
You are forgeting that most of central or eastern europe speaks russian not because they wanted to or liked to but because it was forced in school from WWII to early 90ties and I know it because I used to go to that kind of school when Poland was still in Warsaw Pact.
Now, in polish particular case there is also the issue of times of Partiton of Poland:
Partitions of Poland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
when Polish people were forbiden to speak their own language, polish was banned from schools, and public institutions etc,
And yet today we still speak our language, so regarding your comment of polish language being derived from russian I can only say I have never heard such an example of ignorance, and probably arogance.
We are not even from this same slavic language group:
Slavic languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Proto-Slavic language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Read something before you write something.
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What I said is based on my personal experience. I learned polish in 6 months, learning was based on previous knowledge of russian language and similarity of Russian and Polish.

Partitions? I don't need wikipedia, I know all about that, as Lithuania at that time was part of poland and was partitioned too, russian was enforced here equally, and we too had, preserved and still use our language, which is non-slavic at all, when the biggest difference between polish and russian is the alphabet, because russians use kirilica. Poland always tries to show itself as "west of the east", when basically it's still the same shitty east, but the nation wide narcissism makes them unsoundly raise their nation above the others around.

BTW, there's no need for all that patriotic nonsense, we were occupied too, and regime was even harsher up here. I too learned russian at school. But what do you know about that, like 90 percent of polaks I've met think Lithuania is the second Belorussia and It's a big surprise for them this country is a member of NATO and EU.

And yet, I think I'll hold my further comments, as from my experience this will only escalate to jews/palestinians type of relationship. ;)

Możes daliej pierdolicz głupoty, no ty powinny y sam zrozumiec, ze ja, jako obsokrajowiec, wydze rzecy objektywnie niz ty co na temat podobnoszci jazykow. Wszysci polaci, ktorych znajem, mowili to samo - ze polski nie jest podobny na rosyjskiego, ale JEZELI NAPRAWDE TRZEBA polak sie dogada s ruskim. Po prostu polacy nie chca sie dogadacz. A ten frajer na video po prostu chcie sprzedacz swoj produkt dla wiecej glupkow, y tyle. Co ci obchodzi, na jaky jenzik on mowi?
I've added our introduction to the website security directory according to the website rules of engagement:)
I have attended their training and I would strongly recommned it.
Very well organised, top-class courses. Great place to acquire skills and confidence.
Try it you will not regret it.

Kind regards.
Hamster if you really want to insult me in my own language on this page first learn it well because obviously 6 months wasn´t enough as far as I can see.
Frankly speaking...
I was in the european security academy and i consider training standarts as a high top ...i also had the opportunity to be trained by the fastest waeapon-coach academy in the world...
All a bit blatant really, If you want to plug your courses then go through the proper channels, people will be more inclined to take time reading your comments about what a brilliant course it is if you have actually contributed in other areas of the forum.
The majority of people who use this forum are not gullible idiots, perhaps you should take that into consideration when deciding on your advertising strategy in future!:mad:
not even bright enough to change the profiles ....

As I said Quality
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