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Intersec Opens Its Doors And Launches New Year Of Trade Exhibitions

Aug 1, 2010
Inter sec is billed as being the biggest safety and security exhibition in the Middle East and this year’s show, which is being held in Dubai and under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is said to be the biggest yet with 10% more exhibitors, or approximately 1,000 exhibitors highlighting more than 2,000 brands within a variety of security and safety sectors. Another report claims that the exhibition will feature 33 of the world’s top 50 security companies.

Leading Security Company Involvement

The top 10 security companies, according to a&s magazine, will be present and this includes the likes of Bosch Security Systems, Samsung Techwin, and Tyco International. While the exhibition does cater predominantly to the Asian market, there are numerous products and systems being shown that will almost certainly make the transition to other markets around the world, including here in the UK. The overall theme of trade exhibition is that of security and fire safety although with 1,000 exhibitors, visitors can expect to see many sub-sectors covered too.

Aviation Security

Aviation security is a major consideration in the region and this is immediately obvious during the exhibition and the many conferences that are set to run alongside the event. Visitors will include aviation companies as well as local authorities and global authorities and other businesses. The event will be used as an opportunity to network as well as to exhibit and view some of the latest brands within the sector.

Growth And Expansion

The growth of the aviation security sector exists because of frailties within the aviation sector and a lack of highly effective aviation protocols and systems. Many of the aviation security companies that are showing their brands at the Intersec exhibition will be hoping to change this and will want to be at the fore of aciation security as it develops within the Asian region. Hoeland security and policing has seen a 5% increase in the number of exhibitors when compared to last year so visitors should expect to see a lot of interest in aviation security.

The Event

The event is being held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and it has been reported that there is 10% more space sold this year than last and that this will be the biggest ever. Intersec is now in its 15th year and looks set to break records with a thousand individuals and companies exhibiting more than 2,000 brands and products.


Intersec will be entering its 15th year as it heads into this record breaking year. Aviation security will take the fore, as this remains an emerging market within the Asian industry and because there remains a lot of room for growth and improvement here. The 4th UAE Firefighters Challenge will also run alongside the event and see fire teams from across the world compete in a number of events that aim to simulate the real life requirements of fire and safety teams.
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