Investigation / Intelligence work - Europe or Middle East


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I am a former UK Police Officer of 15 years experience.
Trained to PIP 2 Investigative Interviewing for Serious & Complex Crime, Accredited TACT Officer for examinations at Port's, Field Intelligence Officer and surveillance.
Please contact me for further information.


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[MENTION=56653]Matt796[/MENTION] Brilliant, if you had a tail you could wag it. Why would we contact you? serious question... SA (situational awareness) would be something you could learn, make a proper intro and maybe you'll get somewhere. You'll find private security is completely different from policing, when I have my guys out the police are not on scene, only way they get in is if theres a crime. Our risk assessment outranks yours... What CP/military/ security training have you? Retreat, regroup, wind your neck in and make a proper intro instead of stating how awesome you are. You may get advice then. Have a read through this forum, we are nice guys, we help when we can. You got off on the wrong foot... By the way I'm one of the nice ones here. Try again.
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