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Am new to being self employed and have been asked to submit an invoice for work I've done.
Can anyone help me out with a invoice template?
I've had a look on the net but can't find anything appropriate



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Look at ANY invoice you've ever rec'd for services rendered. Getting your car fixed, plumbing done, whatever. (Even your Gas Bill!) There'll be a heading from the guy / company. Date, possibly an Invoice number, Middle bit contains details of service / goods provided. Price normally to the right. Possibly made up as 'x' hours, @ £x per hour. Payment Terms: By return. (In my dreams) Within 30 Days (Wishful thinking.) Followed by your bank details. A/c Number & Sort Code.

Alternatively, google invoice templates.

....alternatively II, I'll send you one of mine. :)



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Cheers Visioneer,
Managed to find one and I've bastardised it.
Good to see a positive response re the terms and payment:)


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If you have a look at the bottom of the forum theres a Personal Admin section and someone has kindly uploads examples of allsorts of different templates of usefull paperwork, I'm sue theres an invoice on there you can borrow.