its getting hot now


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So amazingly the weather is jumping around, and at points a tad warm. I would very much like to carry around a water bottle.

Looking for you folk to give advice on a good bottle/holder. Im not an expert on this sorta thing, but difference between plastic bottle and metal (as in pro's and con's). Plus can anyone point out a good holder.

Got to fit on a 50mm duty belt


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There a few shops sell kit for outdoorsy sort of people (climbers, hikers etc.) just off Covent Garden (downhill side), they should have a good supply of durable bottles and holders.
Plastic varies in quality a lot so best ask in the shop, Nalgene is good, but make sure its something that doesn't have the chemicals leaching out into the water as you're going to be drinking from it every day. Primus do a couple of good metal ones that are black mat so will look Ok and are cheaper than Sig bottles.

Just be careful that if you get a metal bottle don't screw the top on too tight or it will jam. This is because the tops are plastic and softer than the metal. Men have a nasty habit of using all the force they can to screw the top on so it doesn't leak, you don't need to, the long screw thread stops it leaking with minimal force used to tighten it.


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Apologies, just read the last bit! Don't BTP still provide the bottle holders?

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