Jakarta Bomb Blast


A pair of powerful bombs exploded at two luxury hotels in an upscale Jakarta business district Friday, killing 9 and wounding at least 50, officials said.

The blasts at the neighboring Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels blew out windows and scattered debris and glass across the street.

An Indonesian security minister said nine people were killed.

South Jakarta police Col. Firman Bundi earlier said that four of the dead were foreigners.

At the Metropolitan Medical Center, a list was posted with the names of people wounded.

An official at the registration office said 11 were foreigners. She declined to give her name because she was not authorized to speak to the media.

Alex Asmasubrata, who was jogging by the hotels, said he first heard a loud explosion at the Marriott. Five minutes later, a bomb followed at the Ritz


Al Qaeda

Two former senior U.S. officials who dealt directly with issues of terror in Indonesia say the bombings in Jakarta today bear the trademarks of the al Qaeda-connected Group Jemayah Islamiya, whose top bomb-maker, Noordin Top, has been at large and feared preparing a new attack.

Authorities are looking for Noordin Mohammed Top in connection with two explosions in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Former White House counter-terrorism chief Richard Clarke, now an ABC News consultant, said the virtually simultaneous attacks and current intelligence point to the involvement of Top, who he called: “He is one of the most wanted men in Asia.


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Hi Ronin,
Thanks for the update. There was also a third explosion in the north of the city which killed two locals just after the event. Unfortunately its not the first time that the Marriott has been targeted by JI, they hit it a couple of years again after a foiled plot to attack several western embassies and consulates in the region. On that occasion the security services in SE Asia got them in time, they unfortunately missed this one. I can’t help but to wonder thou, with increase IED activity in Afgan there has been some serious training and resupplying occurring somewhere. This increased activity is now being reflected in other regions and may have the same source. Lets hope its contained to these two regions.