Japanese envoy hurt in Yemen attack.


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15 December 2013 Last updated at 08:53

A Japanese diplomat has been wounded in a reported failed kidnap attempt by armed men in Yemen.

The second secretary at the embassy was stabbed five times by unknown men in an attack which took place in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, the embassy said.

The diplomat was resisting a kidnap attempt in front of his house, Reuters reported. But another report said attackers struck the envoy in his car.

Attacks on foreigners in Yemen have intensified in the past few months.

Yemen has been plagued by instability since its longtime president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, handed over power after a popular uprising in 2011.

BBC News - Japanese envoy hurt in Yemen attack



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Hi all,
I'm always amazed that there is companies, especially governments, that provide limited security to their employees especially in a place like Yemen.
Who is doing their risk assessments?



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Perhaps they are assigning their nonproductive staff members to these "desirable" locations.
Lets see ... will I take a job as the Ambassador to Yemen, or will I go to trade school to become a plumber?
Oh excuse me, the tap is dripping.