Job prospects for new medic


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Hello all,

First a little about myself. I am a volunteer EMT and firefighter making $36,000 a year working in security to pay my bills. I am set/determined to become a remote medic. I've been saving up for a while to take the Merit Training Industrial Paramedic course because I've heard nothing but praise about it. My worry is that after I spend several weeks in Malta and clinical hours in Modolva or South Africa I likely won't be able to hold onto my job after being gone for so long. I know Merit probably can't provide data on how many of their students find work in the medic field afterwards. Are there any students of theirs that can share what it was like after graduating? How long did it take you to find work afterwards?

P.S Sorry it was a little long and no I don't have any military experience. Thanks for any advice y'all!


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The short answer is - no training course is in itself a guarantee of a full time, paid job.

You will be at the mercy of employers who will look at your skills/experience.

Merit is an excellent training provider btw.