John Kerry calls on Russia to transfer Snowden to US


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US Secretary of State John Kerry has requested Russia transfer "fugitive of justice" Edward Snowden to the United States, a request he said was a "normal procedure".

Snowden is still in the transit area at Moscow airport, Russia's President Vladimir Putin has confirmed.

Mr Putin said the US whistleblower remained a free man, and the sooner he chose a destination the better.

Because Mr Snowden is in the pre-immigration area of the airport, he is technically not yet on Russian soil.

Mr Kerry said the US had transferred to Russia "seven people in the last two years...without any rancour".


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The US govt and any other govt that consistently deceives it's population should get the big FO.
I'd rather know what those blood thirsty lying cnuts are up to given the choice and I think Snowden has shown remarkable bravery by spilling the beans on them and letting the public know the full extent of the US/UK snooping on it's citizens.
Much like B Manning who's now on trial for "aiding the enemy."
Do these cnuts just invent charges when things aren't going there way- or what?
It's a fcuking sad day when the populations of these countries aren't in the streets asking for answers but we're too used to their shit by now and nobody really gives a siht that our right to freedom has been pissed away by a self-serving bunch of charlatans.
I am Bradley Manning (full HD) - YouTube