Yeah they do seem very expensive for what you get, probably double what you would pay for the equivalent in weights. You could probably make your own, but I have shopped around and found some decent 20-50's for around £50. I am a student, so I will need to save for a couple of months before I buy one!

I am suprised I have not yet seen one at any of the gyms I have been too.
A Royal Marines PTI has writen a book about the use of kettle bells, Bo Beuchamp RMers.

We took a set to Ghanners with us, one of the lads got the unit PTI to order them and we had to collect them. Fck me their nails, but yeah a good work out.

Just got my form right & moved up to 24kg kettlebells got hold of a copy of Pavel Tsatsouline enter the kettlebell & the Russian kettlebell challenge I find it a lot better & more interesting than free weights.Combined with walking 2 mad staffies 4 miles a day(better six packs than me by far :eek:),skipping,bag training & JKD should be sorted in no time. Oh no I've turned into a fitness freak quick somebody pour me a pint or 10 & a large donor with chilli & garlic sauce please
Never heard of them until I was in Tesco yesterday and believe it or not spotted them on the shelf (not between the eggs & milk!!!).

They only do from 5kg, 7.5kg to 10kg (in this particular store anyway).

am going to purchase them to use when I am away working and gym stuff is not available.
I bought one that you can add lead shot to and increase the weight as you progress, the shot moves about inside as well challenging stabilisation even more.

Not got the site handy at the mo but will see if i can dig it out and post, unless one of you decent chaps finds it and posts first!

If your into kettlebells I can highly recommend The Kettlebell Bible by Rob Beauchamp and Stan Pike. Absolutely everything you would ever want to know on the subject.

Also theres some good vids on youtube
Just got hold of a copy from smiths £32.85 going to have a read through & see how it differs from other books I've got.
Cheers tr1umph
Kettlebells are fabulous pieces of equipment.
They have been used in russia for a very very long time.
As with many russian systems and traditions they tend to stay"secret" for a long time.
The past couple of years the whole world has taken an interest in these fabulous strength builders.

They will help your natural strength go up and also explosive power.
You can go up every couple of months in weight and make your training more exciting.

I would not advise manuals or videos (only as a last resort)
One to one teaching is better as you can really learn the right positions and talk to someone and be corrected.

I guess it is like most things, learning cp from a manual or on the field.
A lot of russian experts have trained quite a few europeans so kettlebell experts are not that hard to find.
Hi Gideon
Yes one to one is best by far I learnt the hard way more than a few injuries when I first started, could'nt find anybody local to me. Now I've got correct posture books & dvd's help mix it up. But if you have somebody near by training in them go & see them first if only to save you from walking round like John Wayne for a few days