Key-holding. How it works??

There seems to be a lot of tin pot firms out there, even with the SIA. I work for a large company as a Patrol & Response officer. In my personal opinion, you need to go with a large company. Our prices vary from £300 - £500 per year for keyholding with no call out charge to just call out charges of between £30 - £50 per hour.

some smaller firms do have a dedicated service,aswell.

charges vary mostly who the client is and how far away and how big the premises,we charge 15£ for a lockup/opening.20£ for an alarm response,in the first hour thereafter 15£ for every other hour.contract fees about 150£ varies depending how many keyholding sites the client has with us.:)
When looking for a keyholding company, you should look for customer reviews, response times and reliability. Key Patrol prides itself on being able to respond to emergency callouts faster the police and have a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Based in Basildon, we provide patrol vehicles around the Greater London area and most of the UK. If you would like any additional information, please get in touch through our site. Hope this information is of use to you.

The Team at Key Patrol
Keypatrol, that's a very bold statement about speed of response and the ability to cover the whole if the UK.