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Hi All..

Wondering if a few of you chaps and ladies can help me out.

I have a few questions on key holding and this is the best place to help:

1) The chap incharge of Key Holding in the company has his KH Docs through but it states he won't recieve a badge for KH and that its a non frontline role.

He is planning to respond to callouts so is this right and if not have the SIA dropped a ball.

2) Can someone who works for the company attend a callout without a KH Badge if they are a Registered DS?

Think that's it for now.



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1. Keyholding is a letter only from the SIA... it is designated as a non front licence, so that is quite correct.

2. if you hold a ds licence then this also permits you to undertake the duties of keyholding and security guarding.

Hope this helps


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All of the information is on the SIA website, and licence holders are aware (usually) of their permittable activities within the industry.

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