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Evening Guys,

Does anyone know any information regarding L Det.

I'm enquiring about Selection, is the process the same as when you was in.




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The important thing to think about is L Det is primarily or normally consists of ex 22 and other unit regulars who must undertake normal 22 selection as L Det is part of 22,the only other route is pre selection then selection training for 21/23 and after three years of service with the TA units further selection training is necessary to go forward,this has to be the case as L Det are basically battlefield casualty replacements for 22.
Hope this is helpful.


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L Det or R Squadron like cft says it is based on ex lads or lads that live within the area and have some exceptional qualities...

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The only thing I remember about 'R' Squadron is that their 2 week annual camp could include a detachment to a conflict zone. In the old days that was normally Oman or sometimes to Brunei and Belize!


PS There are 3 words you need to know if you are heading down to Credenhill or Sennybridge - Navigation, Navigation, Navigation.
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"In the old days that was normally Oman"!!!!!

'Old days'?

Waiter. Another bottle of the Grecian 3000, with ice.