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Latest “HMRC†Scam!! – HMRC will NEVER issue an email regarding a Tax Repayment or a Fine/Penalty

It has come to the attention of Whittaker and Co today that the scam artists who prey on self-assessment record holders have changed tactics.

Previously emails were sent stating that a person was entitled to a tax repayment and “HMRC†would request your bank details to make the payment to you with the full intention of stripping your bank account bare!

They are now working the opposite angle to obtain your bank details from you and they are issuing emails stating that your tax return was submitted late and you have a fine/penalty to pay. You then enter your bank details to pay the fine and ………….you’ve got it…………bye bye money!

The tax returns that are currently being submitted are for the 2013/14 tax year and do not need to be submitted until 31/01/2015.

Do not panic if you receive one of these emails. Please forward the email to and DELETE IT! If in doubt please contact your Accountant/Agent for advice.