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Law Enforcement Manager, Central African Republic.


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May 22, 2009
THE CHINKO PROJECT is advertising for an experienced Law Enforcement Manager to head the Law Enforcement (LE) department. The department currently consist of 60 paramilitary trained wildlife rangers and a number of support personnel, both expat and local. The Chinko Project is managing a 17,600Km2 nature reserve in the remote south eastern part of the Central African Republic.

Capabilities, competencies and experience required
1. Proven technical knowledge of military operations and procedures.
2. Excellent leadership and people management/team building skills.
3. Strong communication skills.
4. Strong personal integrity and ability to work independently.
5. Ability to deal with insecurity and high-stress situations.
6. Able to find innovative solutions to difficult logistical problems.
7. Good report writing skills.
8. Proficiency in French and English language.
9. Experience with wildlife protection in Africa or work experience in Africa.

For more information follow the link below.
Law Enforcement Manager, Central African Republic. - PALADIN JOBS
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