Lone Worker Risk Assessment


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Can anyone point the way on this? I have to do a Risk assessment for a lone security officer on a commercial office site and am finding it a bit of a balls ache to be honest!

Obviously without visiting the site no-one can do this but if anyone out there has a generic template for me to use or even a completed one I can refer to it would be a massive help.

I can cover the usual slips/trips etc, it's more the actual lone worker end I'm struggling to get down on paper.

Here's hoping.



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send me an email,

and I look what I have during tomorrow
Obvious things are country, risks = road, traffic, environment, terrorist/criminals, sabotage, sickness etc.., emergency evacuation plan, mobilephone coverage, personal alarm (spot /gps) alarm response, first aid,
Environment ? Shelter/heat/cold/ food / medicine..
I might have some surveys for this or evacuation stuff that is part of the risk assesment..



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you might want to consider acceptable response times and support access.

if something does happen, how long will assistance be and how will they reach the SG, if he is trapped or injured in the facility.


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Also include a review date for the risk assessment.Risks, Conditions, staff etc change so should the risk assessment.


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Risk assessments are reviewed every 6 months AND when any signifigant changes occur to working practices of conditions. We have a mobile patrol in the same area doing other work anyway and I'm making the lone worker one of his stops so as well as a reduced response time should he hit the panic button he also has some regular human contact.

Cheers to the guys for the info and also to WWMT who dropped me a very useful email.



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Does your security guard carry a lone worker device, for incidents such as man down or in order to locate him?

Carl Dowd

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Dannyboy, lots of good advice and '5 Steps to Risk assessment' available through your local HSE... a good foundation document...

Comment..? Keep it simple, role specific and workable..!


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Hey! Forgive the forum res - didn't want to throw up a new topic when there was one that already covered this. So, we've recently undergone a lone worker risk assessment at work similar to those linked here (great resource!) and, surprise surprise (after no shortage of complaining on my part), my role has been identified as a lone working position (at least partially). Management are currently looking into safety devices, and I'm hoping to do some reading up before recommendations are made so I'm not agreeing to use a sub-par product that won't do much of anything should something happen.

Thought I'd throw this back to the responders in this thread - does your workplace use any specific devices? Any brands / ranges that I should be recommending or speaking up about? So far I've heard good things about blackline (example). Any experience with these?

Thanks in advance! :D