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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am part of a well established group called longcovid.org.

I am just putting the feeler's out there to see if any organisation's would be in a position to help with sponsorship or funding. The reason I have come to CPWorld is because we have ex/serving military/NHS and security members as part of the group. This condition affects an individual's mental health and physical health as I am sure you can appreciate. There are approximately 200 symptoms if not more with this debilitating condition.

The founders of the group, one of which is Jo (Linked). I have said would approach CPWorld as I like to believe we all look after each other. The founders have already held various meetings and conversations with MP’s and alike.

Long Covid is in the limelight, but not as much as it should be, especially within current affairs. Its a silent body and mind destroyer.

I have suffered with it since 2019, although my condition is vastly improving with time, so I am therefore personally looking to do a half marathon in the very near future on behalf of the group to raise funds. I would love to have any organisation onboard with this. I have also approached military/NHS charities, the majority of whom are not able to assist due to other commitments.

If you feel you could assist, please contact Jo. Furthermore, could you please pass this on/spread the word to those who would potentially be concerned in this request, it would be very much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

Thank you for making it this far ;-)


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