Looking for career advice.


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Hello all,

I’ve been on here for a while but post very little however I find myself looking for some guidance now.

I have recently completed the following courses.

Level 4 Diploma Intelligence and Advanced Surveillance
Level 3 First Aid at Work (Shall upgrade to FPOS-I)
HighField Level 3 Delivering Training
Level 3 SIA Close Protection
Level 2 SIA Door Supervisor

I am a former British Army Veteran of 13 years and between finishing the army and completing the courses I went to working in a voluntary training program in Iraqi Kurdistan with the Peshmerga for 3 years.

I am now at the point where I should have my SIA badge and want to enter the circuit. I wondered what sort of areas I should be looking in and possibly areas to aim for that would be financially beneficial.



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Cheers Gi0vanni2 it is quite a low pay for the organisation and type of work but seems to be the way at the moment.

Keep any advice coming...