Looking for former HE operators


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Hello all,

First - a declaration of interests, I am a freelance journalist. I am putting together a piece which has drifted into the world of hostile environment security and I'm looking for people that may have been connected to, or worked on any of the following HE CP/PSD projects:

Iraq Convoy Security (Abu Graib warehouse) 2007-2009
Afghanistan EU policing mission (Kabul) 2009-2011

The article is not directly about the industry, but I'm trying to track down anyone who worked in these areas at these times to try and validate some information.

Thanks in advance.


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If you are hoping some of the operators here will talk with you I would advise you get 5 posts made which will allow you to use the private message facility, I can’t say whether or not anyone will contact you but I can say nobody will jeopardise their PERSEC on an open forum




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Thanks Premier, and duly noted.

I wouldn't expect anyone to compromise themselves, their integrity or Persec/onging Opsec. I've done a tremendous amount of work with individuals and groups with much to lose (in many theatres). This forum is a new avenue for me and I appreciate it covers a very broad industry, this is a bit of a stab in the dark to try and corroborate some (third party) claims that have been made about the background of a notable, public figure.

I'll try and get my 5 posts in now.