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Looking for research participants


New Member
Feb 7, 2017
Hi guys,
As a part of my MSc degree in Security and Risk Management, I am conducting dissertation research named ‘Ex-military security officers’ perceptions of SIA training and security professionalism’. In those terms, I require a few more participants in about 40-minutes online interviews with guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. Any help is welcome and more information can be provided so please do not hesitate to ask me about it. Thank you in advance!!

Background Information:
The academical research into the field of security is deemed to be very poor and the security policy is consequently lacking in evidence making further professionalisation of security practice impossible. Thus, driven by the query of industry professionalisation it has been decided to provide more insight into security training and professionalism. It has been further identified that you are very well placed to help in that endeavour due to your military background.
The purposes of this study are:
  • Explore the appropriateness of the SIA training
  • Explore the security professionalism
  • Explore whether military background can inform security work in terms of professionalism
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