Looking for Traiing in Ireland/Netherlands/Southern Europe


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Good Afternoon,

I am new to this forum, and wish to briefly introduce myself, as well as, inquire regarding training in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. For my purposes training in Ireland is of most interest as it is likely to be the most convenient.

I am interested in finding security and CP training courses (in addition to such ancillary courses as first aid, protective driving, surveillance, counter-surveillance, etc.) to which I can send several of my people. Depending on the scheduling and my availability, I will likely participate in some of the initial training courses myself.

I am primarily interested in identifying high level advanced courses, but also have need for some individuals to obtain more basic (entry to mid' level) training. Of course, only the highest quality and most professional training is of interest.

My thanks, in advance, to my fellow members of this forum for your assistance.



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If you are looking for trainers in the South of Ireland try Control risk management Solutions they are run ex-members of the Irish army ranger wing and their course is fully accredited to SIA standards




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Hi, I did my cp course in Spain with a Israeli company called "GUARDIANSPAIN" and I learned a lot but I suggest you to do the course in Israel because they have more facilities there. The instructors are all ex government cp specialist and with a special forces background so you will learn a lot.


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Have a look at Easterhill International Security. Instructed by ex Army Ranger and Royal Marine Instructors. Level 3 City & Guilds Certified. Good lads and deadly serious about their training. Training is done in Offaly, Ireland. info@easterhillsecurity.com. PM if you want mobile contact numbers for the Instructors.


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if youre after a sia close protection course stay with the UK sia standards no need for travel abroud for that. However when and if you wish to take on specialist courses like tactical firearms , driving, first aid, high risk etc..there are plenty of experienced both on the Islands and in Europe.
And if youre after a course in Ireland I would recommend NIBSSS Mr Durrant have always been professional and nice when I have talked with him over the years.
I believe he has a good business going



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Forget the netherlands , most trainings are compared to other countries worthless if you wanna work international.
The official by gov. recognized CPO training is crap , yes you get the practical driver trainings , but the rest is all and only theoretical.
I am looking like years for descent training within the netherlands , law prevents good training , unless you join the policeforce or army.
Laws prevents NL to wear or use or train with certain equipment or have certain special trainings.
I was very happy to see longmore did give his first trainings in the netherlands tho , but even they have to go to another country to do part of the trainings as they aren't allowed here , and the certificate or diploma isn't recognized either by the dutch gov/ justice dep.
I know whenever i have the money , i'll continue to take my trainings outside of the netherlands , there's just not much here , or at least not that i know of.
If i am wrong , then i be happy to have a reply on this post with companies that do give good HECP and HE medical training and the like.