Malpractice insurance


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Hi Guys ,

I am looking for a medical malpractice insurance provider.
Catch is , i'm a Belgian citizen and a industry paramedic.

Problem is i cannot find an insurance over here because :
They don't recognise the paramedic over here and they cannot insure me because i am not working
in Belgium for the jobs i need the insurance for....

And yes most companies provide this insurance , but not for this job....

Uk companies is not an option either because they tell me you have to be a UK citizen.

So does anyone have an idea about international malpractice providers ?

Only thing i found so far was this : FREE Medical Malpractice Insurance | SIU, UK's No.1 Multi Trade Body for Security and Medics | Security Industry Union Ltd
but it does not look really legit....
Anyone got experience with that site ?

Cheers all !


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What about setting up a company in the uk or wherever, the company takes out medical malpractice insurance and you work via the company and therefore are covered




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Hi Premier ,

Never really thought about that ,
sounds like a smart move actually....

Going to look into that ,

Thanks !